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  • A black coffin really makes a statement, and shows up the rose beautifully
  • This coffin was ordered for a lady that loved flowers and is a full wrap. Handles to suit have still to be fitted but would look good in either Gold or silver
  • This coffin was painted by Carried away in the white of the customer's choice and features gold hardware.
  • A close up of the Gretch guitar from above, showing the detail and shading that is possible with this technique.
  • This coffin lid was done as a wrap and was used with the red coffin alongside it. It features a Gretch guitar, which I am assured was the Guitar of choice that Chet Atkins played (an American country guitarist from the 1950’s and 60’S for our younger readers) I am also told that George Harrison of the Beatles owned one.
  • This coffin was painted by us in the two colours and then the decals of the butterflies were attached.
  • This coffin has a full vinyl wrap, a plain purple wrap on the coffin and the flower onto the lid to create this magical effect.
  • Painted by Carried Away and dots by the customer for people to write messages on
  • Bare coffin finished by customer
  • This coffin and lid are done as a wrap and feature the silver fern and Coxy’s personalised plate for a very personal and sharp looking coffin.
  • Another photo of Coxy’s coffin showing the depth that is possible with a full wrap
  • This coffin has a satin lining that has been turned over the top as it would be for a viewing or open coffin funeral. The lining is turned back inside the coffin prior to the lid being fitted."
  • This red coffin was painted by Carried Away. It looks great and has inspired several families to order bright red coffins.
  • This gentleman was a mechanic and his coffin was decorated by the family to emulate his tool box.
  • This coffin was for a mad Crusaders fan and was painted by us in the exact Crusaders red and the family had the decal done with the Crusaders emblem for the ends.
  • this speaks for itself
  • This gentleman was a passionate fisherman and motorbike rider. The coffin and smiley face were done by Carried Away and the family have decorated the coffin and arranged a most fitting last journey to the nearby cemetery in his own boat.
  • this speaks for itself
  • A frog lover from way back, she had printed vinyl frogs stuck to her coffin as well as the statue.
  • Another angle on the frog coffin
  • Purchased as a bare coffin and decorated by the customer
  • This was done by our customer for a husband keen on Golf
  • Instead of throwing flowers onto the coffin, the mourners were given plastic daises and golf tees to throw onto the coffin.
  • An MDF coffin Painted and assembled by us
  • The unusual graphics were done by the customer and no doubt have a profound meaning to the family
  • This coffin has been treated with maple stain and features gold handles and cross lid screws
  • This is a plywood coffin with a kowhai stain and gold handles.
  • This coffin has a full vinyl wrap using the clan tartan
  • This coffin has been painted red by us and shows the lining as it would be for a viewing or open casket. When the coffin is closed the lining is folded back inside before the lid is attached.
  • This coffin was painted by Carried Away in the customers colour of choice and features Silver hardware and cross lid screws.
  • This coffin was painted by Carried away and features Silver handles and fan lid screws.
  • Blue XL Coffin
  • This is a very touching card received from a customer.
  • This coffin was painted by us and then several decals were attached to each side and the head as specified by the customer. This Decal, of course features the Chateau in Tongariro National Park.
  • This decal was put on the opposite side to the last one and features the North Taranaki Bight.
  • "Loved this flat pack casket. Being able to paint it my husbands favourite colour and decorate it with a rope nautical theme was awesome. LG "
  • Plain MDF, decorated by the young children and family and features motorbikes (Daddy’s passion) and a favourite baseball cap, as well as the messages and hand prints that say so much. I always get a little choked up when I ponder the love and feeling that are displayed here.
  • A beach scene that has been beautifully painted on the side of a plywood coffin by a very skilled artist. It was copied from an early childhood photograph taken at the West Coast beach where the family had a bach (crib for our southern friends). A place that had huge significance for all the family.
  • This is an enlargement of the beach scene and shows the exquisite detail of the painting.
  • Black Bean stain
  • This coffin has been has been treated with a walnut stain.
  • This coffin was finished and stained by the customer
  • This is a plywood coffin with a red Kwila stain and silver handles.
  • This is a bare MDF coffin, with no adornment at all.
  • My wife's fathers final ride in a V8
  • A Kowhai stained and over glossed coffin. Kowhai is not usually quite this yellow.
  • I am guessing that he rode a Harley, nicely done by the customer.
  • This is a Direct Cremation casket with shelves added and painted by the customer and then used as a plant stand.
  • White and purple painted by us and butterflies supplied by us and fitted by the customer.
  • White and purple painted by us and butterflies supplied by us and fitted by the customer.

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