FREE Delivery of all flatpack coffins and caskets (Urban only)


About Us

How it all started...

Some years ago, my Mother, then aged 93, had a stoke and since I had had no previous involvement in arranging funerals, I figured it was about time I did some research as I figured I was now in a “when” not “if” scenario.
I went to a local undertaker and asked him to educate me. He went through all the processes and at the end asked me what coffin I wanted. 
I said to him that as Mum was a good Scottish lady, so something reasonably priced would be good. He said that his cheapest coffin was $1800. I was appalled.
I then told him that Mum had always said that she wanted a bright yellow coffin with a smiley face on each end. He looked horrified and told me that would be at least $1000 more, and remember, this was back in 2016.

Long story short, I designed and built Mum’s coffin and painted it and applied the smiley face, just as she wanted. It was a great feeling to know that that I had carried out her wishes myself.
After the funeral, it occurred to me that there was nothing stopping me offering coffins to anybody else, and so the idea of Carried Away was born.

I had discovered that the handle manufacturers in New Zealand would not sell me handles, as they sold only to undertakers. I was to subsequently discover that the funeral industry is very closed, with the manufacturers selling only to undertakers.
I arranged to purchase a small shipment of handles from China and have sourced all of our handles from there ever since and we are very happy to sell them to anybody who wishes to make a coffin themselves.

When we moved from Pukekohe to Putaruru, I took the opportunity to rethink the design of the coffin and so the flatpack coffin became available. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world that I have found who produce flatpack coffins, as opposed to flatpack caskets, which have straight sides.

At the same time, we introduced free freight for flatpack coffins and hardware, only charging freight for assembled coffins. It was not until early 2024 that we were able to offer all of our products freight free.

  Meet The Team  

Mike & Marisa

Mike and Marisa are the owners of the company.

Mike is a mechanical engineer and the driving force behind the business. Mike is responsible for our product development and is the General Manager of the business.
We are passionate about changing the way we do funerals in New Zealand and actively advocate for people to become more involved in the process and spend less. We strongly recommend that families consider assembling and decorating the coffin for a loved one, as a way to help work through their grief.  Mike is always ready to talk about how this can be achieved and welcomes your phone calls if you wish to discuss this further.


Leanne looks after the admin side of the business and is becoming more involved in working with customers and the scheduling and operational aspects of the workshop.


Noel looks after preparing the incoming panels in our workshop, cleaning and drilling them before putting them into stock. He also does most of the packing of completed orders and assists with staining and painting.


Lucy’s main function is to make sure every coffin we sell is a purrfect match to our clients desires. She also spends a fair bit of time doing nighttime security patrols, but I am not sure about her enforcer potential if she had to engage an intruder.

  Our Values  

At Carried Away we are very aware of the emotional upset that losing a loved one can bring. Unlike some in the industry, we will never try to sell you something that you do not need or do not want or take advantage of your emotional state to increase our profits. We will always try to be supportive towards you and empathetic with your situation at all times.
We will always be honest and transparent in our dealings with our customers.