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About Us

How it all started...

Some years ago, my Mother, then aged 93, had a stroke and so I thought I had better learn about what was involved in arranging a funeral, as I had not had to get involved in organising one before.

The undertaker that I spoke to, took me through all the details and at the end asked me what sort of coffin I would like. I said that Mum was a good Scottish woman so something simple and affordable would do fine. To cut a long story short, mum wanted a yellow coffin with a smiley face on the end and I learned to my horror that that would cost me around $3000 and this was back in 2016. So, I manufactured Mum’s coffin and then began offering coffins to the general public.

I quickly learned that the funeral industry is a very closed one and to buy things like coffin handles, you had to be an undertaker, otherwise no one would sell to you.

I arranged to import my own handles and Lid Screws from China and now have great pleasure to offer them on our coffins and to anybody who wishes to buy them.

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