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We are proud to say that our coffins look the part and offer a realistic alternative to the expensive offerings that are available from the trade.

We offer our coffins in any state, from bare inside and out to painted and internally lined. We are strong believers that you should not have to pay for anything that you do not need or want. For instance, you might reduce costs by omitting an interior lining if there is going to be a closed coffin funeral. We will never try to sell you something against your wishes. 

I am often asked what the rules are for coffins and funerals. Put simply, apart from a little bit of paperwork that is required, there are none.

With the upgrade of this website, you now have two ways to choose your coffin. 

The coffin selector is substantially unchanged and offers all the options that we have, to allow you to choose exactly what you wish for your coffin.

We also now have a range of packages that allows for a one click purchase. The pricing of the packages is exactly what that coffin would have cost if it had been specified using the coffin selector, but it is much quicker to make your purchase by using the packages.

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of all flatpack coffins and caskets to urban addresses (not rural)


Unique to the individual.

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Below, you will find a compilation of commonly asked questions to provide you with quick answers.

Is the flat Pack easy to assemble?

Yes, Flat packs are easy to assemble, there are only 5 panels (apart from the lid) and they will only go together one way. We have detailed assembly instructions and you can also check out our coffin assembly video in the video section of the website.

How long does it take for my coffin to get to me?

That depends on where you are in New Zealand. For orders received before 9:00am, we can generally get your coffin on the truck the same day, unless you have asked us to paint or stain it. For orders after 9:00 am, we will dispatch the following day. Freight to North Island destinations is usually 1-2 business days after dispatch and to South Island destinations, 3-4 business days.

How much weight will the coffin hold?

We have done testing to prove that all of our coffins and caskets will hold over 600 Kg without failing, however we only rate them at 200Kg, which gives a good factor of Safety.


Red Coffin at funeral with flowers

Red Coffin with Red flowers on top

White Coffin with vinyl flower wrap

Elegant Black Coffin with Gold Hardware

How to Assemble the Flat Pack Option

Below are two informative videos that provide step-by-step instructions on assembling a flat pack coffin, allowing you to navigate this process with ease.