FREE Delivery of all flatpack coffins and caskets (Urban only)



How much weight will the coffin hold?

We have done testing to prove that all of our coffins and caskets will hold over 600 Kg without failing, however we only rate them at 200Kg, which gives a good factor of Safety.

How long does it take for my coffin to get to me?

That depends on where you are in New Zealand. For orders received before 9:00am, we can generally get your coffin on the truck the same day, unless you have asked us to paint or stain it. For orders after 9:00 am, we will dispatch the following day. Freight to North Island destinations is usually 1-2 days after dispatch and to South Island destinations, 3-4 days. We can request urgency for you, which means the freight company will pull out all the stops and will usually deliver the next day within islands. For more information contact us for details.

What is the freight cost?

All of our products are freight free to any town in New Zealand. If you are close to town, we may be able to extend that on a case by case basis, or if not we can give you the price to get it to where you live. It is often possible to arrange with a friend or business in town to receive your consignment for you and you can then pick it up from them.

Can you deliver to a rural address?

Yes we can, but it can be quite expensive and may delay the delivery. You can contact us to find out what is involved in your situation and then choose to either pay the extra or have your consignment delivered to an address in town for free.

Can you freight to Waiheke or Stewart Island?

Yes, we can send to Waiheke Island and Stewart Island.

Is the flat Pack easy to assemble?

Yes, Flat packs are easy to assemble, there are only 5 panels (apart from the lid) and they will only go together one way. We have detailed assembly instructions and you can also check out our coffin assembly video in the video section of the website.

Can you supply coffins for extra-large people?

We offer two ranges of coffins. Our standard range will accommodate most people and our XL range will accommodate most people who do not fit into a standard coffin. We have a size chart for each coffin on the coffin selector page of the website. Take care when sizing a coffin, Carried Away cannot accept any responsibility for your sizing decisions. If it seems like things are getting a little tight, best to look for a larger alternative. We do not offer anything larger than our XL range.

How are linings fitted?

Linings are stapled to the inside of the coffin with the stapler and staples that we provide in every Flat Pack. We supply detailed instructions and we recommend that you watch the lining fitting video in the video section.

What tools do I need to assemble a Flat Pack?

All tools are included in the Flat Pack.

Can I use a Direct Cremation Casket for a funeral?

Yes, you can, but we do recommend this. You will need to buy a set of handles and fit them yourself (the Direct Cremation Casket is not pre drilled for handles) and the result will not be particularly pleasing to the eye. Direct Cremation Caskets are designed to be as cheap as we can make them and there is no attempt to make them look nice, as they are not normally seen.

Will the undertaker be OK if I supply the coffin?

Most undertakers are OK with the family supplying the coffin as long as they can be assured that it is structurally sound, which ours definitely are. If an undertaker were to object to your supplying the coffin, the only reason I can think of, is that he would be missing out on his profit on the coffin, which is normally quite considerable. If an undertaker did object, I would suggest that you look at using someone else, he is probably telling you that he is out to take as as he possibly can with no regard for your wishes!

If I buy a coffin now, can you store it for me until I need it?

If it is only for a couple of weeks, then yes, we could possibly do that for you. We would approach the storage issue on a case-by-case basis as we only have limited space

Are your coffins Eco certified?

No, our coffins are not Eco certified. Our Plywood coffins could be considered as looking eco-friendly, but they are not designed for Eco certification

Best Based on Budget and Requirements

Use our coffin selector to select the coffin that you think will work the best based on your budget and requirements, or visit the packages.