FREE Delivery of all flatpack coffins and caskets (Urban only)



Our handles and lid screws are suitable for Coffins and Caskets that are to be buried or cremated. They are available in two colours, silver and gold, and can be chosen to compliment whatever personalisation you choose for your coffin or casket.

Handles are rated for 100kg each, and have been tested by us to over 120 kg.
There are two styles of lid screw, a fan style and a cross. Both colours and designs of lid screw are the same price, so your selection is only a matter of personal choice.
Each colour of handle and lid screw are the same price and are included in the cost of the coffin or casket purchased from us.

We are also happy to supply coffin hardware to people who are not purchasing their coffin or casket from us, the prices listed below include free freight to any town within New Zealand. (Not rural).