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We purchased your coffins for our Mum and brother in law. As both were still alive while assembling was executed there was a lot of fun and frivolity. The healing began long before their departure. A great experience . ðŸŒ·

Jo -Feb 2024

“We brought a casket from Mike and it was exactly what we were looking for. It was  affordable, dignified and respectful.  His speedy customer service and personal care made a big difference to us.  The coffin was so affordable for my family as my parents were on the pension and it was a huge stress to think how we were going to pay for a expensive funeral.  We felt even though the coffin was so affordable it was still showed respect for our loved one.  You could personalise it if you wished and Mike was very helpful and kind in his dealings with us which was a bonus in a difficult decision.  I would recommend this company to anyone who has a loved one who has died but is unable to afford the traditional caskets.” 

KR -Feb 2024

"Thank you so very much for your kind and caring help during this most difficult time. Although this is part and parcel of being in the funeral industry business you have made it a smooth, humbling, calming and comforting process for myself and our whanau that has given us the peace of mind required.  We are all truly thankful and grateful to you! Tena rawa atu koe, ka nui te mihi."

MY -October 2022

"Dying is absolutely expensive, but Carried Away can take the stress of money away and provide lovely assembled  or unassembled coffins."

CC -August 2022

"I used this company for Steve’s casket. great service. I ordered on the Sunday for a two week delivery.  Sadly, I had to call to get an urgent delivery. Mike went out of his way to ensure it arrived on the Wednesday.  Steve passed away on the Tuesday morning. Simple plain no fuss casket. great service. Would highly recommend."

DO -August 2022

"Very friendly, thoughtful service, prompt delivery of the flat pack and the coffin turned out exactly what we needed. Easy assembly, for which the video on your website proved to be very helpful. 

We had the coffin ready at home and many friends and family took the opportunity to write and draw on it which I think was a nice thing to be able to do. Carried Away offers a great, affordable alternative to the often very expensive service of funeral directors. We actually chose not to involve a funeral director at all and I would like to think that being able to have more individual DIY funeral made the experience of losing a loved one more bearable. It might not be right for everyone but from my personal experience I can only recommend it."

SS -July 2022

"I was blown away by the service you provide and care to detail regarding your caskes. From day one of ourt contact with you everything went to plan. At that time we thought we had weeks to plan a casket and as things quickly escalated at our end, you stepped up and made it all happen , delivery included so we could plan a funeral. We as a family thank you for that. The casket was beautiful and exactly what we asked for and I real tribute to my sports crazy husband. Thank you so much for making it easier for us when we were broken."

HC -July 2022

"I’ve bought from this company the item I received was easy to put together quality wood it did the job for what it’s supposed to do was delivered on the day that I asked very affordable wonderful service quick and efficient, if need be, I will purchase from this company again.  I’ve told my family about this because its affordable for people on low income and I must say stress free by not having a debit hanging over you knowing that its going to be years to pay it back for something that is only used once. Thank you so much for your services Carried Away"

TL -July 2022

"I can highly recommend this Company. I spoke to Mike Nelson on a day that was hard for me, organising a Cremation Coffin for my departed husband. Mike made the process for me so easy, arranging for a delivery and so quickly. This was also the cheapest and the best, half price compared to the Funeral company.  I would definitely say deal with This Company."

PR -June 2022

"The coffin arrived this afternoon and I’m blown away by how good it all is. All the little details that you have included to make it easier is amazing. Thank you so much for a great product"

RD -April 2022

"The 2 coffins I got from carried away were as described and if anything were better, went together well and be sure I would recommend your product to anyone."

AG -August 2021

"We were really satisfied with the level of service, care & end result. As John was a large guy, it was appreciated you gave us peace of mind that the casket would be fine. Your communication between my daughter and myself great.  I definitely would recommend your services if asked. I have to say EVERYONE was blown away by my daughter’s talent of replicating John’s tool box, right down to the stickers that were on it."

DM -January 2021

"I lost my father September 2018, and in the days that followed I needed to do a number of things, one of these was to arrange a coffin for my dad. I found out about Carried away and ordered a coffin from them, I had no idea how o go about I, Mike the owner of of the company was brilliant, he had the materials, the measurements we needed, prices that suited our budget. I recommend Carried away without hesitation. Thank you Carried away"

BJ -October 2019

"We used Carried Away to get a coffin quickly for a family member. Mike was helpful, friendly, and coffin very well priced. We would recommend his products and service to all."

MS -2018