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Personalising a Coffin

Personalising a Coffin
The blue coffin pictured is one that we did recently that caught my eye. The blue is a striking colour and is set off beautifully by the decal of Mt Taranaki at either end.
It is an indication of what can be done to personalise our coffins to make the final good bye of a loved one more meaningful.
We strongly recommend that our customers take the opportunity to get involved with personalising the coffins that we sell, we are getting great feedback about the therapeutic benefits of this sort of involvement, with customers reporting that their interaction with the coffin has brought great comfort and has been a great help in working through the grieving process.
Likewise, we are getting similar comments about assembling the coffin. Roughly 80% of our coffins are sold as flatpacks, which reduces the upfront cost and allows customers to get involved with the assembly process. We have had several reports of small groups of whanau getting together to assemble the coffin and taking the time to remember the person who has passed and retelling incidents (often amusing) and interactions with them during their lives. In every case that we have had reported, this was seen as an incredibly positive experience.
Whether you choose to assemble and/or decorate the coffin of your loved one, we wholeheartedly endorse your decision and are here to help and support you every step of the way.
To see more of what we offer and some of the things our customers have done with our products, view our gallery.

Posted: Thursday 18 April 2024


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