Coffin Selector

We have designed this page to take you, the purchaser, through the individual steps of selecting the coffin or casket that you would like with an ongoing awareness of cost. 

The price box on the Right of the screen will update every time you make a selection to keep you aware of how much you are spending. 

If you feel that you have exceeded what you are happy with, or you wish to try another option, you can deselect items to bring your spend down to meet your budget.

  • All pricing is inclusive of GST.
  • For flat pack coffins, the price box includes everything you will have to pay.
  • For assembled coffins you will need to add freight to the price box amount.

  • Special requests such as Custom Painting, Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Wrapping are all additional to the price box amount.
  • Please make a selection at each stage and the page will then present your next option.

Assembled or Flat Pack

Flat Pack Information

If you choose the Flat Pack option, you will be sent all the tools that you need (apart from a Phillips screwdriver) to assemble the coffin and a comprehensive set of instructions. You can also  refer to the videos in the gallery section of the website where you can watch a coffin being assembled. Flat Pack coffins and caskets are freight free nationwide to any town in New Zealand.

Assembled Information

If you choose the fully assembled option we will assemble your coffin and fit handles and any linings   that you have specified, all for the same price as the flat pack. Freight will however be charged separately, and can range from $97 for most of the middle of the North Island up and up to $145 for the far north and $115 for Wellington. South Island freight rates range from $175 in the North, $200 for Christchurch, $225 for Dunedin and and up to $425+ for the more out of the way towns. We are happy to quote freight rates on request.

  • Flatpack | Freight Free
  • Freight NZ
    NZ$ 1.15

Product Type & Size

Please refer to our size chart for dimensions

  • Coffin MDF | Size 8
    Coffin MDF | Size 8
    NZ$ 667.00
  • Coffin MDF | Size 8 XL
    Coffin MDF | Size 8 XL
    NZ$ 667.00
  • Coffin MDF | Size 9
    Coffin MDF | Size 9
    NZ$ 667.00
  • Coffin MDF | Size 9 XL
    Coffin MDF | Size 9 XL
    NZ$ 667.00
  • Coffin Plywood | Size 7
    Coffin Plywood | Size 7
    NZ$ 782.00
  • Coffin Plywood | Size 8
    Coffin Plywood | Size 8
    NZ$ 782.00
  • Coffin Plywood | Size 8 XL
    Coffin Plywood | Size 8 XL
    NZ$ 782.00
  • Coffin Plywood | Size 9
    Coffin Plywood | Size 9
    NZ$ 782.00
  • Coffin Plywood | Size 9 XL
    Coffin Plywood | Size 9 XL
    NZ$ 782.00

Outside Finish

  • Stain Finish
    Stain Finish
    NZ$ 247.25
  • Custom Paint
    Custom Paint
  • Paint Finish
    Paint Finish
    NZ$ 345.00
  • Vinyl Decals
    Vinyl Decals
  • Vinyl Wrap
    Vinyl Wrap

Select Handles

Carried Away coffins include some types of hardware in their price. We have two colours of Handles from which you can choose, or a paid upgrade.
  • CS Handles Manilla Rope (upgrade)
    CS Handles Manilla Rope (upgrade)
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Handle Gold
    Handle Gold
  • Handle Silver
    Handle Silver

Select Lid Screws

We also have two styles of Lid Screws from which you can choose.

  • Lid Screw Cross Gold
    Lid Screw Cross Gold
  • Lid Screw Cross Silver
    Lid Screw Cross Silver
  • Lid Screw Fan Gold
    Lid Screw Fan Gold
  • Lid Screw Fan Silver
    Lid Screw Fan Silver

Select Linings

Plastic Lining

This is fitted to contain any fluids that may be released within the coffin and is usually required by the undertaker. All Carried Away coffins include the plastic lining in their price. For Flat Packs, the lining is supplied cut to shape and is simply stapled to the walls of the coffin with the stapler and staples included in the flat pack.

Decorative Lining

The decorative lining is provided to tidy up the inside of the coffin and hide the inside walls and plastic lining. There is no requirement to have a decorative lining and if the coffin is to be closed from public view, there is a strong economic logic  to not use one. Some people however do not like to think of their loved one in an unlined coffin, even with a closed lid and that is fine too. The decision is entirely optional and Carried Away will not try to influence your decision one way or the other.

Decorative linings consist of two parts, the bottom lining which is cut to shape and fitted in the same way as the plastic lining and the side lining which is stapled near to the top of the coffin sides. The side lining is designed to fold out over the top of the sides and ends to provide a cover for the top edges of the sides while the coffin is open and falls down the inside walls onto or near the bottom of the coffin. The staples are inserted under a small flap of the satin that wraps over the top of the coffin walls. The part that wraps over the sides is folded in when the coffin is closed.

We offer decorative linings in three different materials to try and accommodate various tastes and budgets. The cheapest lining that we offer is unbleached calico, which is made from cotton and has a natural buff colour and is often favoured by the eco conscious.

 We also offer bleached calico linings which are a bright white colour, but are otherwise the same as the unbleached lining.  The most expensive lining we offer is the white satin lining. Satin has a smooth glossy finish, as opposed to the coarser, flat finish of the calico. 

We do not stock linings for XL coffins at this time, but we can usually have them made to order with in a few days if required. They can be sent to us to be fitted in an assembled coffin or directly to you if you have ordered a Flat Pack. The price of XL linings has an extra charge more than the standard lining of the same material. This cost will not be reflected in the price box and will be charged separately.

  • Lining UB Calico
    Lining UB Calico
    NZ$ 132.25
  • Lining Bleached Calico
    Lining Bleached Calico
    NZ$ 143.75
  • Lining Satin
    Lining Satin
    NZ$ 189.75
  • Without Linings

Select Pillows

Pillow Information

All Carried Away coffins are supplied with a hard pillow, made of MDF or Ply, to help raise the head into a more natural position for viewing. The hard pillow is secured to the base of the coffin below the plastic or decorative linings and is therefore not seen.Some people like to put a small soft pillow on the top of the decorative lining and the hard pillow. This is purely for aesthetic reasons and is not in any way a requirement.

  • Pillow UB Calico
    Pillow UB Calico
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Pillow Bleached Calico
    Pillow Bleached Calico
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Pillow Satin
    Pillow Satin
    NZ$ 57.50
  • Without Pillow

Select Top Sheet

Top Sheet Information

In the same way as the soft pillow, a top sheet is purely a personal choice.Our top sheets are simply a cover that is designed to reach from the feet to chest height and tuck in either side of the deceased. They are hemmed, but otherwise just a plain piece of material.

  • Top Sheet UB Calico
    Top Sheet UB Calico
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Without Sheet
  • Top Sheet Bleached Calico
    Top Sheet Bleached Calico
    NZ$ 59.80
  • Top Sheet Satin
    Top Sheet Satin
    NZ$ 69.00


In order for us to respond appropriately to your request, we need to know how soon you need our services.
  • No Rush, Dispatch within 3 weeks
  • Urgent, Dispatch ASAP.
  • Soon, Dispatch within 1 Week

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